Basic Principle・Activity Politics

Basic Principle

To contribute to the sustainable development of society through enhancing the value and benefit of expressways.

Activity Policies

I. Information Platform of Expressways
  1. Research and Gather information of the World trends through our strong and
    expanding network of industrial, government, and academic societies.
  2. Conduct research utilizing accumulated knowledge since the establishment.
  3. Gather information of advanced studies and practices in abroad through attending
    international meetings and dispatching missions.
  4. Open, publicize and publish research results and gathered information concerning
  5. Host meetings for discussing common topics concerning expressways.
II. Contribution to the Society
  1. Contribute to capacity building and implementation of new technologies through
    qualified and practical workshops (including qualifications), seminars and exhibitions.
  2. Cooperate and Support activities which contribute to social welfare.
  3. Endeavor to enhance people's understanding concerning roles and necessity of
III. Sound management
  1. Conduct efficient, transparent and sound management.
  2. Ensure sound governance and compliance as a non–profit public foundation.
  3. Ensure information security through careful treatment.