Research Activities

The foundation conducts research on social, economic, and engineering issues pertaining to expressways and provides research grants aimed at activating research.


In the Road Economics and Management Committee, the Road and Traffic Engineering Committee, and the Expressways Quality Committee, we are engaged in research on the ideal state of expressways, toll pricing systems, road traffic operation, environmental conservation, and other topics.
Each research committee conducts its research of each topic using research groups is consist of experienced experts and academic standing with deep knowledge of the fields relevant to the topic.


Research Guidance Committee

The Research Guidance Committee is consist of experts with rich experience and/or academic standing and deliberates general direction of research activities.

Road Economics and Management Committee

This committee performs research on economic impacts of expressway, general transportation policies, toll road system, road business as well as related laws and other topics.

Road and Traffic Engineering Committee

The committee performs research on expressway construction, maintenance techniques and technology, and countermeasures against traffic safety.

Expressways Quality Committee

This committee conducts research on the improvement and public awareness of services for expressway users, the functions of roads, advanced utilization of roads, scenery, the environment, and expressway landscaping.

Research grants

We provide grants for research projects selected from among applicants studying social, economic, and engineering topics pertaining to expressways and similar subjects, with the aim of revitalizing research activities, training young researchers, and promoting research of practitioners.

Contracted research

Utilizing past research experiences and superior capabilities, we also perform contracted research on social, economic, and engineering issues pertaining to expressways.