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Contact: Kosoku-doro Cho-sakai
(Express Highway Research Foundation of Japan)
OJ Building 2F
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Studies and Researches-Self-Initiated Study and Research

1. What is Self-Initiated Study and Research?

The EHRF is engaged in study and research on highways and automobiles in Japan and foreign countries and expand shared knowledge and experience in highway and traffic engineering, resulting in contributing to the development of highway networks, traffic and automobiles engineering and international cooperation.

Most of those study and research are conducted “Self-Initiated” and are main activity of EHRF. They are performed in commissions and subordinate committees to tackle the issues and problems concerning expressways and toll roads, as well as discussing the highway services meeting the future demands and expectations from road users.

The research results are disclosed through the sources such as our monthly magazine and website, facilitating the research and development of highway-related organizations including supporting member firms.

2. Commissions for Self-Initiated Study and Research

(1) Transportation Economics and Management of Toll Roads

 The commission organizes committee(s) to research economic impacts of toll schemes, institutions of expressways, broad schemes for transportation, and lows and regulations for expressways.

(2) Highway and Traffic Engineering

 The commission organizes committee(s) to research cutting edge issues in engineering of construction, maintenance, operation and traffic engineering broadly.

(3) Expressways and its Quality

 The commission organizes committee(s) to research how to promote the level of various services, functions, scenery and environmental issues.

3. Participants of the research committees

The EHRF has 153 registered academic fellows who are experts in engineering or economics. EHRF performs research activities efficiently and effectively with counsels of those fellows.

4. Supporting Researchers

In addition, the EHRF is providing financial supports to research projects selected among the proposed research topics from university professors who have registered as a cooperate research member for EHRF in order to promote self-initiated studies and research, and encourage research activities for young researchers.