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Contact: Kosoku-doro Cho-sakai
(Express Highway Research Foundation of Japan)
OJ Building 2F
Minami-azabu 2-11-10
Tokyo 106-0047, Japan
Tel: +81-3-6436-2093
Fax: +81-3-6436-2098

English references

The EHRF publicizes various technical references of 19 for in order to contribute to propagating the knowledge on expressways. 3 of them are translated in English as shown in the following table.

Modern Highways Illustrated
An illustrated introduction of future highways and highway technologies. (including CD)

Issued: November, 2001
Price: 3,667 yen
Manual for the Design and Construction of PC Steel in Temporary Works
A manual for the Design and Construction of PC Steel in Temporary Works.

Issued: November, 1998
Price: 4,400 yen
Dictionary of Technical Terms for Expressways
English-Japanese and Japanese-English dictionary for technical terms and road-related terms. 11,400 words are included.

Issued: September, 1995
Price: 4,272 yen

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