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Contact: Kosoku-doro Cho-sakai
(Express Highway Research Foundation of Japan)
OJ Building 2F
Minami-azabu 2-11-10
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Publication Business

EHRF publishes many monthly magazine and textbooks for educational purpose. Most of those books are only written in Japanese, but some of them are translated in English.

1. Expressways and Automobiles ‘Kosokudoro to Jidosha’ [Jp]

The monthly journal ‘Expressways and Automobiles’, which was first issued in May 1958, covers transportation issues centering on expressways from various angles, including ‘socio-economics’, ‘Traffic engineering’, and ‘Construction and Maintenance.’ The Journal includes academic research, political opinion, practical application of the technologies and news from overseas.
The Journal has long been contributed to expand sharing knowledge and experience in highway and traffic engineering in Japan and other countries by proposing political opinions and providing useful information from its objective and neutral standpoint. Only titles of articles in the journal are translated in English.

A special committee is organized for the purpose of translating and showing useful foreign papers and in the Journal. The Journal is also providing opportunities to present the results of research and development for researchers and engineers, and awarding excellent papers as ‘Roads and Transportation Study Paper Award.’
The Journal is issued in the first of every month, with price of 1,029 yen (w/ tax).

The First Issue (May 1958) The Latest issue

2. Technical references

The EHRF publicizes various technical references of 37 for in order to contribute to propagating the knowledge on expressways. 6 of them are translated in English as shown in the table “d-English Reference”.