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Contact: Kosoku-doro Cho-sakai
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Special Mission Abroad

The Express Highway Research Foundation of Japan (EHRF), which is the chartered public interest incorporated research foundation specifically for the limited-access express highways (motorways), dispatches the special research mission to overseas motorways as a purpose of its establishment that is to research overseas highway related issues and to feedback those research achievements to the Japanese highway industry as well as its engineers.

1. Purpose

EHRF has been researching the highway related issues over the half century, on the basis of the purpose of the establishment. The Special Mission Abroad is included in our global research, and more than one hundred of the international delegations dispatched to various countries. The purpose of the mission is to exchange the experience and knowledge of same challenges for the mutual benefits, and to obtain some new approaches or ideas for solving or mitigating them. Also, the mission currently contains not only the research for other countries’ motorways and their operators’/developers’ activities, but also the provision of the global perspective to Japanese highway experts.

2. Themes

EHRF is researching various topics related to the highways, and current main topics are as follows;

  • Traffic Issues: Highway Safety, Work Zone Safety, Traffic Operation and Management (smooth/comfortable drive),
  • Highway Engineering Issues: Highway Structure Inspection, Maintenance, Repair & Rehabilitation, ITS
  • Highway Management Issues: Asset Management, Business Administration and Business Continuity, Performance Management, Toll Collection, Provision of Amenity and Security in Travel, Management in Emergency and Contingents, Project Delivery,
  • Highway Design Issues: Reconstruction or Rehabilitation, Rest Area,
  • Social Issues: Environmental/ Green Management, Public Relations, Social Responsibilities.

3. Recent Activities and Achievements

EHRF ’s special research missions conducted in the last 3 years were as follows;

57th "Toll Collection, Traffic Control, and Maintenance in Hungary and Slovenia"
Organizations visited: National Toll Payment PLC (Hungary), DARS (Slovenia)
58th "Public-Private Partnership, Maintenance, and Traffic Information in Philippines"
Organizations visited: Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), KATAHIRA & ENGINEERS INTERNATIONAL

57th Special Mission 58th Special Mission
59th "Traffic Operation and Work Zone Safety Measures in California"
Organizations visited: California Department of Transportation District 11 (in San Diego)
60th "Infrastructure Export Development and Road technologies from Japan in Myanmar"
Organizations visited: Ministry of Construction (JICA Experts), Yachiyo Engineering Co., LTD. (Myanmar Office Branch), JICA Myanmar Office, Site visits to the New Thaketa Bridge in Yangon and the Expansion of Thilawa Port financed by JICA, J&M Steel Solutions Co., Ltd.

59th Special Mission 60th Special Mission
61st "ITS Technologies, Work Zone Safety, and Traffic Control in Colorado"
Organizations visited: Colorado Department of Transportation, DiExSys, LCC
62nd "Public-Private Partnership, Maintenance, and Traffic Information in Philippines"
Organizations visited: Straßen.NRW, BraunschweigTechnische Universität, Niedersächsisches Forschungszentrum Fahrzeugtechnik Institut (NFF), Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, Behörde für Wirtschaft, Verkehr und Innovation
61st Special Mission 62nd Special Mission

4. History

EHRF has often dispatched special research missions with selected members to other countries since the early stage of the Japanese motorway development several decades ago.
The purpose of those special missions was to research the latest technologies and methodologies for planning, designing, economic analysis, construction, maintenance and operation of motorways in order to introduce them to domestic highway industry. Those missions were dispatched mainly to most of Europe, Middle East, South Asia, East Asia, North America and Austrasia.
In these days, we organize the special research mission abroad for the exchange of experience and knowledge for mutual benefits.

4th Mission in US & Europe (’68) 8th Mission in US (’73)
Mission for Lighting Facilities in Europe (’89) Investigation in Egypt (’91)
Investigation of Malaysian Highways (’92) 43th Mission in Europe (’10)