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Contact: Kosoku-doro Cho-sakai
(Express Highway Research Foundation of Japan)
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Information Service

As information service business, EHRF provides various opportunities for providing and exchanging knowledge such as seminars with topics from our research activities, lectures with inviting speakers from outside of topical issues and an exhibition for exchange of technical information and so on.

1. Seminars

EHRF organizes seminars several times in a year. Topics of the seminars are from the latest issues of our self-initiated studies, mission reports and consigned studies. The purpose of the seminars is to introduce our activities and share interests and knowledge with those who are engaged in expressway business over the regions. In 2016, the seminars were held in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka.

2. Lectures

EHRF organizes lectures with topical issues related with expressways, transport and motorization not only technically but also socially. Speakers are invited among notable engineers, researchers and economists. In 2016, lectures were held twice in Tokyo and once in Osaka. Each time, 120 to 450 audiences attended.

3. Exchange Technical and Industrial Information

EHRF organizes an exhibition with a lecture and presentations once a year for exchange of technical and industrial information.
For more details, see “Highway Techno’ Fair”.

4. Other Information Service

EHRF is collecting information about expressways and transportation abroad from news papers and web-site. Those summaries are provided with our monthly journal “Kosokudoro To Jidosha (Expressways and automobiles)”. In our homepage more detailed information of foreign institutions and analytical papers are provided as well.